2021/03/05 AIM-HI Lecture: Speaker Prof. Arthur B. Yeh (2021/3/17 Wednesday, 14:10 p.m.)

Speaker:Prof. Arthur B. Yeh
 Department of Applied Statistics and Operations Research, Bowling Green State University, USA
Title:Big Data Analytics and Advanced Manufacturing
Time:14:10 PM - 16:00 PM, Wednesday, March 17th, 2021
Venue:Ming-Chu International Conference Hall, Innovation Building, National Chung Cheng University (國立中正大學創新大樓 銘珠講堂)
Abstract of Seminar:
Big data, more readily available and affordable, and the increasing utilization of analytics have drastically changed the landscape of manufacturing process analysis, modeling and improvement in recent years. Nonetheless, modern advanced manufacturing has been moving in directions more in sync with big data analytics. As such, what we are seeing today in terms of big data analytics being deployed in manufacturing is not a question of “if” but “when”, “where” and “how”.
Drawing upon personal journey as a statistician/data scientist, I will first share my view of what big data, analytics, data science and machine learning are. I will then share my perspective of the unique characteristics of modern advanced manufacturing, based on the experience of personal foray into helping companies develop analytics solutions in the last decade. Examining how these two tie together and what future challenges may arise can help unlock additional potentials of big data analytics applications in advanced manufacturing. I will also briefly talk about some of the projects I have worked on in the last few years. The presentation will conclude with discussions of potential future opportunities. The presentation is intended to be general, not technical. My hope is that it will lead to a series of constructive conversations and fruitful collaborations.

Organizer: Advanced Institute of Manufacturing with High-tech Innovations (AIM-HI)
Contact person: Ms. Shirley Shih-Hui Hung (05) 2720411 #16457