Research Projects


Research Projects Based on Industry–Academia Collaboration

  Transforming visionary research topics into feasible techniques applicable in the industry and solving specific bottlenecks experienced by enterprises have been the core missions of AIM-HI. AIM-HI adheres to this goal and creates a set of standardized procedures to enable transformation. A priority list of possible industry–academia collaboration projects is compiled on a yearly basis. Executing industry–academia collaboration projects can not only enhance the technical capability of AIM-HI’s partners, but also cultivate highly competitive research staff and thus contribute to both academia and the industry. In addition, participating in industry–academia collaboration projects has enabled AIM-HI to develop a better understanding of the changes and development trends in the industry and the market.

AIM-HI is responsible for planning the following industry–academia collaboration projects:

  • Hiring students as part-time employees
  • Research projects based on industry–academia collaboration
  • AIM-HI’s internship program and research projects Template Reference
  • Ph.D. program in advanced manufacturing systems