International Cooperation


Globalization is a critical link for AIM-HI in its pursuit to be a world class research center. Globalization cannotbe simply from an accumulation of disjoint efforts but rather through a synchronized multifaceted approach. On one hand, AIM-HI will extend its academic cooperation and industrial collaborations from regional to global, and on the other hand, expand its talent development plan from regular school education to global talent recruitment. With this global perspective in mind, mutually reinforcing international activities are implemented at AIM-HI. The increased exchange and visiting programs offer unique opportunities for in-depth discussions on academic and industrial issues from different perspectives around the world. Solid international cooperation programs enable effective global recruitments of short-term and long-term talents and create a global stage for domestic industrial partners to learn from potential customers and showcase their capabilities. Through this positively reinforcing global networking, AIM-HI and its Taiwan industrial partners become fully connected and have greater contribution and impact to the global manufacturing community.

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