Education and Training


In educating and training university students and industry researchers, AIM-HI will establish different aims and use different tactics for the two groups. Specifically, university students will be offered a degree program in Advanced Manufacturing Systems, while industry researchers will be offered various short-term or long-term training courses covering the major research outcomes and contributions of the AIM-HI center.

1. Advanced manufacturing systems program. This program will consolidate two existing curriculum programs, the “Intelligent Machine Tools Program” in the College of Engineering and the “e-Commerce Program” in the College of Management. The new program will be open to students from both colleges. In order to cultivate students’ international perspective and to encourage enrollment of foreign students, all courses will be conducted in English. Moreover, highly qualified students will be selected and subsidized to participate in an advanced international program, in which before graduation they will be required to study at least one semester in one of the international partner universities.

2. E-commerce program. This program was launched in June 2002 and has been successfully completed by 219 students thus far. The program combines academic theories and industrial techniques, and fosters outstanding students capable of linking the value chain from upstream suppliers to downstream manufacturers. In addition, the program develops individuals with strong e-commerce skills and promotes the development of manufacturing technology. As a consequence, the program has already generated strong benefits for the national economy. The program has received positive feedback both domestically and internationally, and is the only program in Taiwan at this time to have achieved international certification by the Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants (ICECC).

3. Short term or long term internships and training courses. AIM-HI will arrange for students to gain experience in partner research institutions or companies for short periods during the semester or for longer periods during the winter and/or summer breaks. The short-term courses for industry representatives will have a duration of just one or two days, and will be run as and when requested by industry. In contrast, the long-term courses will have a minimum duration of one week and will be scheduled regularly during the winter and summer breaks. Both types of course will be jointly delivered with other research institutions if appropriate, and will provide the participants with a systematic introduction to new advanced manufacturing technologies.

4. Training for high-rank researchers: Lack of qualified high-rank research staff is a serious issue facing the precision machining industry in Taiwan as it tries to transform itself from a technology follower to a technology leader. AIM-HI can offer great assistance on this issue through on-the-job education (for current employees) and preparation education (for future employees, namely, current students.) Specifically, AIM-HI will offer three different training services for high-rank research staff. First, industrial partners can send their researchers to AIM-HI on a long-term basis in order to gain an in-depth background in specific advanced manufacturing technologies. Second, professors within the AIM-HI research center will visit industrial partners as and when requested in order to present lectures on specific technologies. Third, AIM-HI will host technical workshops or tutorial courses (possibly co-sponsored with other research institution partners) in order to systematically introduce advanced manufacturing technologies.

With respect to preparation education, the industrial partners of AIM-HI will offer scholarships to excellent students enrolled to the “Advanced Manufacturing Systems Program.” These scholarships will last until graduation as long as the students maintain their academic performance, and they will be offered guaranteed employment after graduation. Graduate students majoring in the manufacturing field will conduct original research through industry-academia collaborative projects. In this way, students will receive training that fits industrial needs and can bring the latest state-of-the-art equipment and know-how to the industry.

5. Elite camp of advanced manufacturing. An elite camp of advanced manufacturing will take place in summer and will be open to university students with relevant backgrounds around the nation. Its objective is to develop students’ interest in manufacturing systems. It will offer interactive courses to introduce the past and present state of the manufacturing systems and present and future advanced technologies. Besides a laboratory tour on campus, off-site tours to relevant research institute and industrial partners will be arranged. Some selected students will be offered scholarships to visit partner institute abroad and attend an international machine tools exhibit. A database will be established to keep close contact with the participating students to keep them informed of the latest development in the manufacturing technology. Not only will this assist in recruiting prospective students, but participation of high-ranking researchers and officials, along with media attention, will help make green intelligent manufacturing and the importance of machine tools in national economic development a high-profile issue.

6. Cultivation of international competitiveness. AIM-HI will initiate programs and opportunities to cultivate the international competitiveness of both students and faculty. The all-English instruction in the “Advanced Manufacturing Systems Program” will not only offer students an opportunity to conduct their learning in English, but also help recruit foreign students. Moreover, through international partners, two-way student exchanges will be arranged to provide students a broader international perspective regarding manufacturing technologies.

  For our faculty members, AIM-HI will facilitate international collaborative research projects and short-term and long-term visits with our international partners. In addition, AIM-HI will also actively recruit young international talent and top scholars to further increase the international competitiveness of the center. A specific strategy for international recruitment will be described in the following section on international cooperation.

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