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The Advanced Institute of Manufacturing with High-tech Innovations (AIM-HI) at National Chung Cheng University (CCU) is located in the middle of a robust industrial corridor, stretching from the cluster of precision machinery in Taichung to the center of heavy industries in Kaohsiung, along the western coast of Taiwan. AIM-HI serves as an integrative and effective platform for efficient multi-disciplinary research, cross-university initiatives, and industry-academia collaborations. Considering the significance of the research and development of manufacturing systems in Taiwan, CCU has developed a long-term cooperation with not only academia but also industrial partners since 1990s. Founded upon this firm and long-term cooperation with industrial partners, AIM-HI has successfully forged an alliance with industry and carried out many large-scale projects directed not only by Ministry of Education but also by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan. Among the 30+ research institutes under the auspices of Aim for Top Universities Project funded by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, AIM-HI is the only one with a clear focus on manufacturing systems.

The aim of AIM-HI is research and development of key technologies for the next generation of intelligent precision manufacturing systems. Beyond the direct applications to precision machining, the technologies developed are also expected to find viable applications in other systems, including intelligent robots and vehicles and eco-friendly fabrication processes in the semiconductor and flat panel display industries−the two major industries in Taiwan, generating total revenues of trillions of NT dollars each−as well as the emerging green energy industry.

To ensure the quality of advanced research and to raise the visibility of the Institute from a nationally known entity to an internationally recognized Institute, we have formed an International Advisory Board and an Industrial Advisory Board, both comprising of distinguished scholars, scientists and industrial representatives, all recognized at the international level for their achievement in engineering and related fields. The primary mission of both advisory boards is to provide AIM-HI team with counsel and guidance on all aspects of our project, including strategy, operational policies, research, teaching, internationalization, and industrial applications. By fostering relationship with scholars/scientists/industrial representatives from various institutions, companies and manufacturing centers around the globe, the International Advisory Board and Industrial Advisory Board not only helps sustain the growth and development of the Institute, but also boost the potential for international and industry-academia collaborations.


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