Welcome Message

Prof. Wen-Hsin Hsieh

The Dean of Engineering College National Chung Cheng University

Welcome to National Chung Cheng University College of Engineering.

The College of Engineering at National Chung Cheng University has been actively pursuing the goals of academic research excellence, cutting-edge technology development, and collaboration with industry. Currently, the College of Engineering consists of five departments, one graduate institute and one master program with more than 100 faculties and 2,700 students. The education goals in our college of engineering include training students to be self-motivated, innovative, pursuing excellence, skilled in interdisciplinary collaboration, and to have a global vision. We have provided students with different kinds of laboratories, innovative and advanced courses, and excellent learning environment with emphasis on inspiring students to be highly innovative and prepared to explore all kinds of challenging research issues and in cut-edge technologies. We expect our students to become future leaders and entrepreneurs. With the outstanding research capability of our faculty members, it is our firm belief that we have a very promising future. We challenge ourselves to be ranked in top 500 worldwide and top 100 in Asia. Furthermore, for at least some fields, such as computer science, we set out goal to be ranked in top 200 worldwide.

Prof. De-Shin Liu

The Director of Advanced Institute of Manufacturing with High-tech Innovations (AIM-HI)

On behalf of the Advanced Institute for Manufacturing with High-tech Innovations (AIM-HI)

I would like to welcome you to this program. AIM-HI at CCU was established in 2011 under the auspices of Aim for Top Universities Program funded by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan. AIM-HI is very unique in that while a majority of projects funded by the program focus on basic research, our institute was supported with the mission and expectation of building clear and strong connection between academia and industry. Colleagues at AIM-HI have been working hard to conduct cutting-edge research in green and intelligent manufacturing systems on the one hand, and to develop key technologies from these areas of research for industrial application on the other. Moreover, within the short period since its inception, AIM-HI has substantially expanded its global footprint through collaboration of research projects with both national and international partners, exchange and visiting programs of scholars and students, short-term research initiatives, and industrial incubation projects, among others. In other words, while AIM-HI is based in CCU with a Taiwan focus, its main goal is to create a platform for leveraging the impact of research and development of core technologies, and to build a network for global connection and influence. Finally, AIM-HI is deeply inspired by and committed to the notion of transforming itself from a nationally recognized institute to a world-class research organization that is both self-sufficient and sustainable. We are particularly interested in board members’ thoughts and suggestions in that regard, because of your experience and expertise in running and managing similar world-class institutions.

Prof. Guo-En Chang

Executive Director of Master of Science in Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Master of Science in Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Master of Science in Advanced Manufacturing Systems is a graduate program for innovation in education and research for the process engineering sciences, emphasizing the integration of Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science and Information, Communications and Opto-mechatronics engineering principles and practice to provide work-ready graduates and technical solutions for a sustainable future. Our graduate curriculum emphasizes collaborative learning, a personalized learning environment, and hands-on, real-world laboratory and engineering design experiences. Our graduates gain the technical and leadership skills needed to excel in careers with precision mechanical Industries. Faculty-led research seeks to engage industry and achieve global impact, particularly in nationally-strategic areas, including green manufacturing systems, real-time multi-core intelligent control, intelligent sensing systems and Intelligent industrial application and management. In addition to providing an environment for collaborative research and training along interdisciplinary themes, we provide our graduate students with educational opportunities and resources to enable them to recognize how their research would be used for an economic or societal benefit, as well as hands-on experience enabling them to learn the processes that would be required to complete translation of their research to practice.
Thank you and welcome to our program.