Require course
Seminar (I)
Seminar (II)
Elective courses
Motion Control
Nonlinear Systems Analysis and Control
Virtual Reality Technology and Machinery Activity Simulation
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms
Precision Machine Design
Engineering Analysis(I)
Structural Dynamics
Finite Element Analysis
Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Tribology (I)
Tribology (II)
Advanced Fluid Dynamics
Linear Systems
Image Processing and Applications
Advanced Applied Mathematics
CNC Machine Tool Human Machine Interface Design and Application for PC NC Structure
Fuzzy and Neural Control
Digital Control Systems Design
Computer Control of Manufacturing Systems
Engineer Plasticity
Intermediate Fluid Dynamics
Advanced Computer-Aided Geometric Design
Advanced Acoustics
Printing-Based Fabrication of Flexible Electronics
Video Processing
Computer Vision
Image Processing
Intelligent Control
Machine Learning and Neural Networks (selected topics)
Object-Oriented Software Engineering
Microprocessor based system and interface techniques
Modern Control Systems
Autonomous Mobile Robot
Semiconductor Manufacture Processes
Optomechatronic System Design
Empirical Methods for Location-based Services